Looks like Seb’s paying all the good luck he has had over the years this season -_-

If a meteorite crashed on the track at the time of the race it would be on him… [or RoGro because he can’t have a calm race either this season :( ]

And those strategies aren’t helping him that much either.

Anyway, I’m very happy for Dan, he really deserves it :D

"Maybe it’s the heat, but CH seems to be in a feisty mood this week, giving reporters both barrels on Friday, accusing them of only asking negative questions about the sport and for not embracing the prospect of new races in Russia and Azerbaijan. Some noses may have been put out of joint in the press room – but the social media response from fans was unequivocally positive. The thing that got CH revved in the first place was the suggestion that Seb is to blame for the empty seats at the German Grand Prix, but he needn’t have bothered, Twitter’s already leapt to Seb’s defence on that one. The #thingstoblameonsebvettel hashtag started trending soon after, suffice to say we’ve had a lot of fun with it: hungover? Add it to #thingstoblameonsebvettel. Fleeced by a Budapest taxi? #thingstoblameonsebvettel. Global warming? #thingstoblameonsebvettel. Actually, the first one has been true on more than one occasion. Seb’s been the cause of many a post-race hangover for practically everyone in the garage – in fact in the last five seasons this is the only circuit we’ve raced at where he hasn’t won – which is a grave injustice because this would be a brilliant town to celebrate in. So, come on pull your finger out Seb, the crew expects."
- Red Bull Spy (via fuckyeahf1)

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this is awesome