CASIO Face Time - Vettel vs. Ricciardo - Belgian Grand Prix

The spaghetti part killed me xD

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lol i love how all these videos end up with them not being able to talk because of the laughter

summer break meme | day 5: the best of the drivers’ press conference

5. Sebastian, Bernie Ecclestone said to the German Bild Zeitung that despite you already having won two titles and maybe now a third, you miss out on charisma, compared to former drivers such as Hunt, Senna, Lauda. And he also said that not only you but all the drivers of your generation are more or less in the same situation, because, he said, teams pampered you too much and the FIA put muscle to you, so you are not free to explain yourselves. What do you think about that? 

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lol sebby♥